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Sacred Heart & St Pius Xth, Clifton Diocese

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time - Yr C

Mass:     9am Sacred Heart         10:30am St Pius Xth                             25th August 2019

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St Pius Xth

St Pius Xth

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St Pius Xth

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Sacred Heart

St Pius Xth

Diocesan Prayer Link: We pray for Fr. Martin Queenan, Fr. Raymond Hayne, Fr. Malcolm Ferrier and the parishioners of St. George, Warminster.

To the banquet of your kingdom, O God of the nations, you have

invited people of every race and tongue.

May all who are called to a place

at your table come, by the narrow way, to the unending feast of life.

We make our prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ,

your Son who lives and reigns

with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.

PRAYERS PLEASE: † For our sick: Mark Archer, Maria Barrett, Amelia Bill, Carol Blackmore,

John Boyes, Phil Bray, Jamie Collins, Bethany Coombes, Carmel Cregg, Mary Daly,

Tracey Griffin, Damian Giampaglia, Robert Hill, Joan Hogarth, June Hurley, Malcolm Jones, Julian Kinsey, Lisa Lampard, Terry Lias, Luna Lisle, Kay Lyons, Gary McQuaid,

Paddy McQuaid, Tracey Matthews, Paul Millar, Fr Desmond Millet, Joan Murphy,

Mary Peacock, Breda Ross, John Ryalls, Meg Ryan, Elaine Spicer, Kate Sutor, Harriet Wallace.

†Rip: June Attiwell (1pm Friday 13th September, St Pius Xth), Mervyn Prater,

Elizabeth Saunders (9.15am Monday 16th September, St Pius Xth), Jess Hitchcock.

†Anniversaries: Laura Grey, James Smith, Dolores Murphy, Mary Gillman, David Hickey

John Conway, Matilda Bailey.

†Congratulations to Keeley Hawkins & Jordan Timbrell who were married at St Pius Xth on Friday. May God pour out many blessings upon them in their years together.

YEAR OF PRAYER: Jesus urges his followers to ‘enter by the narrow door’. This is a constricted path and Jesus warns that there will be those who will be disappointed. Simply being alongside him, eating and drinking with him, does not guarantee entry to God’s house. Jesus points to the ‘narrow door’ that leads to the Kingdom, a place of abundant hospitality where all are welcome, not because of race, gender, ability or lineage but because of lives lived in genuine love and peace. Are we ready? Perhaps the door is narrow because of all the things which could stop us from entering like pride, fear or an assumption that we are guaranteed a place. A thought for this week: It is one thing to go to Mass every Sunday and observe the sacraments but does the whole of our life reflect this relationship with Jesus, leading us outwards in care and concern for the world far and wide, welcoming above all the stranger and the outsider? 

THE WONDER OF GOD’S CREATION: A reflection time considering our place in it. On Tuesday 27th August 10am-12:30pm Emmaus House, BS14 0QN. Advance booking with Sr Ann helpful.

JESUS ALABARE: A fantastic opportunity to meet young Catholics ages 14 and over. There will be over a thousand! Lots of activities and fun on Saturday 31st August at Bethel Convention Centre. Tickets £5. Coach going from Bristol. See poster or contact Alex, Angie or Debbie.

ADORATION: 4pm – 7pm Sunday 1st September. A quiet reflection in front of the Blessed Sacrament on this Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. Pop in for however long you can.

CURIAL CONFERENCE: a day of workshops for all who volunteer or work in our parishes, or indeed would like to get more involved. Saturday 7th September at St Brendan’s College. See for more details and to book a place.

RECONCILIATION: We are once again invited to come together for The Rite of Reconciliation of several penitents with General Confession and Absolution. 7.30pm at Christ the King, Knowle, Friday 13th September.  To prepare ourselves we are encouraged to spend the day fasting.

CONFIRMATION PREPARATION: Starts on Saturday 14th September 10am at Emmaus House.

SACRED HEART 50 CLUB: You’ve got to be in it to win it! Annual subs are due. £12 per number. Not joined yet? Please see Francesca. The next draw will be in December.

OPUS FOCUS: Supporting international crews visiting our own port city of Bristol. Please place any hats, scarfs, gloves (especially thermal) and international phone cards in the boxes provided in the church lobbies. We are arranging a small group to visit the Port to deliver these items when the new Chaplain is in post. Contact Debbie if you would like to come.

CARPENTERS FOOD & SUPPORT: 52 people given 438.235 kgs, 1092 meals! 420kgs donatedJ

Shopping List ideas if you can help: Tinned fruit, Cereals, Shower Gel, Toothbrushes. Thank you.

FAITH IN ACTION: Exciting new National Catholic Award Scheme for our young parishioners aged 10 to 25. Pope Francis: “Young friends don’t wait until tomorrow to contribute your energy, your audacity and your creativity to changing our world. You are the now of God, and He wants you to bear fruit”. Look up -in-action for more details. There will be a meeting towards the end of September. In the meantime, if you think you would like to do this, contact Debbie.

ST PIUS XTH FEAST DAY BARBECUE: What a celebration! More than 50 from both parishes came. Thank you to all who helped out and to Sr Ann and Fr Michael for hosting.


Carolyn, Rachel, Jemma & Ria would like to thank everyone for their support and messages received in rememberance of Phil. It was really touching to see so many parishioners at his funeral.

The family of Jess Hitchcock would like to thank Father Michael, Debbie & all those parishioners who helped to welcome Mum home to St. Pius Xth Parish for her funeral.  Thank you for all the prayers, masses & good wishes we have received, not just in these last few weeks, but also during Mum's illness."

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