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Sacred Heart & St Pius Xth, Clifton Diocese

5th Sunday of Easter, Year B

2nd May 2021


Sunday Mass 9am and 10:30am at St Pius Xth                                                 

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Saints Philip and James. Apostles



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The English Martyrs



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St Pius Xth

St Pius Xth

We are delighted to bring the Redemptorist Publications articles from our printed weekly bulletin to you once more here on-line.


If you know someone who doesn't use the internet, please pass on a hardcopy of our latest bulletin here. 

Prayer Board

Please hold the following in your prayers

† For our Diocesan Family Prayer Link: This week please pray 

for Fr Dominic Findley-Wilson and the parishioners of English Martyrs with Crewkerne and Ilminster. 


† For our sick:

Maria Barrett, Fran Bennett, Carol Blackmore, John Boyes, Andrew Brisbane, Jamie Collins, Bethany Coombes, Carmel Biggins-Cragg, Mary Daly,

Marie DiMambro, Joan Hogarth, Terry Lisa, June Hurley, Julian Kinsey,

Malcolm Jones, Luna Lisle, Kay Lyons, Pat Marsh, Tracey Matthews, Paul Millar, Alan Morris, Joan Murphy, Chris Nelmes, John Palmer, Doug Reed, Breda Ross, John Ralls, Linda Ryalls, Meg Ryan, Harriet Wallace.

May they know God's healing power.


†For those who have died recently: 

Michael Spencer, Marie Forrester, Kathleen Powell, Pam Fennell.


†For those whose Anniversaries occur at this time: 

John Weeks, John Moran, Kitty Elliott, Alma Jones, Rosemary McAuley, John Kennedy, Maureen Kelly, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Michael Jones.

May they Rest in Peace and rise again in Glory with Our Lord.


†For those seeking to become Catholic:  If anyone wants to join us via zoom, get in touch with Debbie.

Closure of St Pius Xth School: As we enter the last term of our school, we ask all parishioners to pray for the children, their parents, staff, governors and volunteers as they move onto pastures new.

Prayer is rippling out across the City of Bristol in a call for '30 Days of Prayer 4 Peace' in the lead up to the local elections on 6th May. Our parish of St Pius Xth and Sacred Heart is one of well over 50 churches and groups of all Christian denominations coming together. The Baton is being passed to us this Sunday 2nd May.

Both Masses will be offered for our intentions for Bristol and you are asked to commit to a time of prayer for a half-hour / hour of prayer throughout the day from 11.30am onwards. Do share when you intend to pray and what intention/insight for the city's needs you have.

Our young people have set the ball rolling by signing up to:

                7pm Rohit and Roshan Joshy: The Rosary

                8pm Kevin and Katherine Wilson: The Rosary

                About 4pm (between cricket innings!) Debbie: open prayer

I tend to drive over Dundry to come to St Pius Xth in Withywood and see much of Bristol laid out before me. It is a wonderful opportunity to revel in the beautiful sight or to pray for an issue concerning the City that is on my mind. And there seem to have been many highlighted recently!

In this call to prayer for Bristol and thinking about what we as a parish might do, I recalled to mind Fr Michael's homily's on one of my favourite scripture passages, the Beatitudes or 'Happy Attitudes'.

  1. Seeing the crowds, Jesus went up the hill. There he sat down and was joined by his disciples. Then he began to speak. This is what he taught them: (Matt 5: 1-2)

Jesus invites each of us to follow him… and we have chosen to respond…to be one of his disciples this very day. So let us open our hearts and ears to truly listen and heed his teaching. Are we ready to think differently and live differently as a result? How are we called to live, work and enjoy the city of Bristol and ensure others do to? So all have a 'Happy Attitude'.

  1. Happy are the Poor In Spirit: theirs is the kingdom of heaven

God is showing us the power of prayer and coming together. Let us pray for all our fellow Christians that we can commit to standing up for all in Bristol with compassion, determination and righteous anger over the City's problems, that we can be part of the solution. Let us pray that the City's leaders and prominent citizens lead with wisdom and compassion. We pray that our lovely City is a place where all are welcomed and included whether living, working or visiting the city to relax and enjoy it's diversity.

  1. Happy the gentle: they shall have the earth for their heritage.

Help us Lord to take better care of your creation. Give us the will and courage to confront climate change in Bristol, to simplify the way we live, to reduce the energy we use and share our resources. May we support initiatives to protect our City for future generations.

  1. Happy those who mourn: they shall be comforted.

Lord send us your healing power to help us process our own bereavement and loss and to reflect your love when we choose to walk alongside others who are grieving. In this pandemic year we pray for all those lost to Covid-19 whether in Bristol or those known to us abroad. We think particularly of those in Bristol deeply concerned about family and friends in India and around the world.

We pray too for those suffering different sorts of bereavement, thinking especially of the pupils, staff and families of the 3 primary schools closing here in Bristol: St Pius Xth Catholic School, Withywood, St George's and St Michael's Church of England Schools in the city centre. Help them Lord when they feel sad saying goodbye to friends. May they know you are with them when they are scared or frightened of new changes in their lives. Help them on their journey to new schools and friendships. We thank you Lord for all who have taught and cared for children in these schools.

  1. Happy those who hunger and thirst for what is right: they shall be satisfied.

What righteousness do you hunger for in your life and here in Bristol? We pray for the acknowledgment and healing of the many hurts and injustices that occur in our city. We pray for your blessing, strength of conviction and encouragement Lord for all who pray, campaign, give and/or work to seek justice for others, speak up for the voiceless or serve the poor and oppressed. We pray especially for all those seeking asylum in our City of Sanctuary. Help each of us to grow in this commitment to the heart of your Kingdom.

  1. Happy the merciful: they shall have mercy shown to them

Help us Lord to show your mercy and forgiveness no matter the cost to us in time, energy, resources or indeed pride. Time and again Lord, you have shown your power to provide for those downtrodden.

There are pockets of Bristol where households are suffering Food Poverty through many different causes. We thank you for the way you have inspired many across Bristol to come together to support and help build up these families until they can manage once more. Help us to show your mercy to them and to those we are yet to reach. Send your blessing so they may have life in abundance as you promised. When our Foodbank shelves are empty, we praise you for the generosity of people to fill the shelves again. Give us strength that we may  work tirelessly towards a time when Foodbanks are no longer needed.

  1. Happy the pure in heart: they shall see God

Lord give us pure hearts so that we focus on you and as your disciples further your kingdom here in Bristol. Help us to make wise and informed choices when we cast our ballots.

  1. Happy the peacemakers: they shall be called the sons and daughters of God.

Lord we ask for your peace over our City. We pray for everyone who is involved with making or maintaining peace. We ask you to strengthen our resolve, for encouragement when the task seems huge, for protection where there is danger because of their stance. We remember especially our city leaders, church leaders and the police. Let us take your words and say 'Peace be with you' to all we meet. Help us to show those who are aggressive in any way the fuller picture of the consequences of their (potential) actions and how to follow a different path of peace.

We call to mind the recent vandalism to the buses in Hartcliffe. The frustrations of the bus drivers and passengers, and fear of injury and the potential loss of freedom and jobs if the buses were withdrawn. We thank you for parents who had the courage to take their children to the police and for the opportunity for the community police officers to work with the young people to encourage them to make changes in their attitude.

  1. Happy those who are persecuted in the cause of right: theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Let us pray for the happy attitude and courage to stand up as Christian witnesses in our everyday lives

As the refrain of the hymn by Daniel Schutte goes:

Let us build the city of God. May our tears be turned into dancing! For the Lord, our Light and our Love has turned the night into day.

May God pour out his healing touch and blessing on all in Bristol.

God bless

5th Sunday of Eastertide

United In Faith

Week Beginning 2nd Mayl:  Mgr Liam Slattery's reflection videos is on the Diocesan Website under the banner – ‘Dare to Dream’.  Click here.

The period of Eastertide gives us seven weeks of opportunity to reflect upon the experience of the disciples as they come to know that Jesus is alive, that he has risen and what it means for us as people of Clifton Diocese.


United In Faith

‘I am the vine, you are the branches’ is a beautiful image of closeness. Jesus is speaking of the intimacy we are invited to have with him. Jesus was speaking not long before his death and not long before his disciples would scatter and abandon him in when the soldiers came.

In California giant sequoia trees line many roadsides. What is interesting is that the sequoia tree has roots just barely below the surface. We might think that this would be impossible for such large trees. Normally we think of roots growing deep into the ground so that strong winds will not blow the trees over. The sequoia tree, however, only grows in grooves and their roots intertwine under the surface of the earth, so when the strong winds come, they hold each other up. It could be said that the Christian community is like the giant sequoias. When life gets difficult the community will hopefully reach out to those who are struggling and offer the support that is needed to hold a person or people up in the face of adversity.

Vine trees only produce good fruit when the branches are strong. The branches can only be strong when they are connected to the vine. Each feeds the other. It is the same in the Christian community. To function as a community of believers we need the strength of Christ at the centre of our lives. We depend on Christ so that we may have the life within us that leads us to not only acknowledge the presence of others but to reach out to them in their need. The mandate given to the disciples just before Jesus ascends to the Father was to ‘Go make disciples of all the nations’ This is our mandate too; given to us at the end of every Mass; ‘Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord.’ We, as a community of believers, united in faith with one another, are sent outwards to share the good news and to witness to it in our lives.


Closing date for applications Friday 7th May


The parishes of St Bernadette, Whitchurch; St Dunstan, Keynsham; St Pius X, Withywood and The Sacred Heart, Chew Magna are coming together to form a new ‘Mission Area’ within the South Bristol Deanery. This will allow for closer planning and collaboration with each other in many areas for the sake of the Church’s mission. To facilitate this coming together, we are looking to recruit a ‘Multi-Parish Coordinator’ for 15 hours/week on a flexible basis. This role, working closely with the clergy and lay pastoral staff, will oversee many of the aspects of parish maintenance (e.g. property, health and safety and finance), and bring confidence and coherence in these matters as the parishes collaborate more closely. We are looking for an excellent communicator with good organising and planning skills and good knowledge of the key principles of health and safety regulations. Experience of working with volunteers would be useful. For further details, please contact Fr Matt Anscombe - 



You may be totally new to the faith, be coming from another church or been baptised a Catholic but not confirmed or drifted away at some point due to a variety of reasons.... whatever your circumstances, we look forward to accompanying you on your journey as you enquire and learn about our faith. Contact Deacon Mark or Debbie.

World Watch List 2021


Dave Bray, who leads our OPUS project, invites us all to participate in a weekly prayer focus featuring one of the countries on the list. 


More Christians are murdered for their faith in Nigeria than in any other country. Violent attacks by Boko Haram, Fulani militants, ISWAP (an affiliate of so-called Islamic State) and other Islamic extremist groups are common in the north and middle belt of the country, and are becoming more common further south. Christians from a Muslim background face rejection by and pressure from their families. Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency (2015 onwards) has seen a sharp increase in attempts to force Islamisation on the country, including appointing Muslims to key government positions. 


Nigeria | Open Doors


Lord God, we lift up our brothers and sisters in Nigeria facing extreme violence and other forms of persecution. Comfort those who mourn, we pray, and replace their weeping with joy. Heal their trauma and show them who they are in Your eyes. Protect Christian communities from Islamic extremist attacks, and transform the hearts of those who persecute believers so ruthlessly. Amen.


 Read the World Watch List Report here.

72 people given food for 1512 meals 688kg food distributed!


With shopping and donations of items we received 504Kg.



We are extremely grateful to Henryk, Keith and Paul who moved some old shelving from the St David Centre up to our store room at the Withywood Centre and already we are noticing a big difference. Thank you too to East Bristol foodbank for the loan of their van. We also thank St Pius Xth School who collected 40 items, one for each day of Lent.


When donating items, please leave at the Centre reception desk between 10am and 12 noon on a Tuesday.


Or we can shop for you if you would prefer to BACS  The Carpenters Food Store  a/c no:  45427160  Sort code: 30-94-83.

Your support has been truly incredible. THANK YOU.


We have a new email address:

Tracey and The Team
Caring is Sharing


In 2020 we fed a total of 4238 people for one week.

(2019: 2715, 2018: 1875)


And look at this year so far!

Orphans In The Wild


Support has been amazing and we look forward to the End of Year Report on the 2020 activities and the work carried out in Tanzania. 


If you would like to continue to support this project through our produce sales, especially jams, chutneys and eggs, to contact Sally, please message 07810 256687 or email

Saint Rose’s School in Stroud is seeking to raise £1.5 million to build Quentin House, a specially-adapted residential home-from-home for some of its children. Saint Rose’s is unique within our diocese for the help it gives children and young people with complex physical and other needs to fulfil their potential and achieve their ambitions. Quentin House, named after Sister Quentin, the former long-serving, dedicated and inspirational headteacher, will help Saint Rose’s continue its mission. For more information about this project and how to donate or fundraise please visit or contact the appeals office at the school (01453 763793 ext 225 or

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