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Sacred Heart & St Pius Xth, Clifton Diocese

1st Sunday of Advent, Year B

Sunday Mass 9am & 10.30am at St Pius Xth                                          29th November 2020

Monday 30th

St. Andrew. Apostle

Tuesday 1st  

St. Alexander Briant. Martyr

 Wednesday 2nd  

Weekday of Advent

            Thursday 3rd  

St. Francis Xavier. Priest

Friday 4th

St. Osmund. Bishop

          Saturday 5th

Weekday of Advent

Sunday 6th


Many of you enjoyed the thought provoking articles by Redemptorist Publications in our printed weekly bulletin. We are delighted to bring it to you once more here on-line.


If you know someone who doesn't use the internet, please pass on a hardcopy of our latest bulletin here. We hope you enjoy the more illustrated and fuller version below with links to further information.

Prayer Board

Please hold the following in your prayers

† For our Diocesan Family Prayer Link: This week please pray for 

all  Chaplaincies to HM Forces in the Diocese.


† For our sick:

Maria Barrett, Carol Blackmore, John Boyes, Andrew Brisbane, Jamie Collins, Bethany Coombes, Carmel Biggins-Cragg, Mary Daly, Tracey Griffin, Joan Hogarth, Terry Lisa, June Hurley, Julian Kinsey, Luna Lisle, Kay Lyons, Pat Marsh,

Gary McQuaid, Tracey Matthews, Paul Millar, Joan Murphy, Chris Nelmes,

John Palmer, Breda Ross, John Ralls, Meg Ryan, Harriet Wallace.


†For those who have died recently: Kate Sutor and

†For those whose Anniversaries occur at this time: 

Michael Ryan, Angela Humphreys, Gwendoline Stewart, Franciszek Lipinski, Christopher Riddiford, Michael Dowling, Susan Hulme, Brenda Docherty, Irene O’Donnell.


May they Rest in Peace and rise again in Glory with Our Lord.

Clifton Diocese Celebrates The Year of Communion

Weekly reflection on the Sunday Gospel


2020 has been like no other year that we can probably remember or imagine. When we started Advent in December 2019, we had absolutely no idea that the new liturgical year would play out as it has done. We could not have anticipated or expected the experience we have had and currently still have. Government recommendations during the pandemic to ‘Stay alert’ find echoes in our Gospel today. ‘Stay awake, be on your guard’ is how Mark puts it. But this is not about watching out for the dangers of a virus. Rather we are to be prepared for the coming of the Lord, not just Christmas, but at any time. This second coming of Christ and the final judgement is what we need to hold in mind throughout our Christian lives. As a faithful community, we are, waiting in hopeful anticipation for Christ to come once more. It is not a passive waiting but is mindful and open to the reality that Christ comes to us in the poor, in the exiled, in the refugee and asylum seeker, in the homeless and the most vulnerable in our society. As we enter the season of a new liturgical year, let’s pray for the strength to be hopeful and joyful in the weeks and months ahead.

Reflections for Advent

from Fr Michael


O comfort my people and calm all their fear

Tell them the time of salvation draws near.


Advent is not primarily a penitential season, as say it certainly would be in Lent. True it is more like an adventure for finding out how to heed the clarion call of John the Baptist to “prepare the way of the Lord.” Getting ourselves ready for his coming of course inevitably involves a change of heart and change of mind-set. Something is stirring, expectancy is in the air. The long night of waiting is over. His coming is close at hand. We are now, as the Author of Hebrews reminds us, living in the last days.

Stressing the continuity of God’s plan from of old, how “at various times, times in the past and in various different ways, God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets.” Hebrews 1:1 thereby reveals what God has always been doing through his intermediaries as recounted throughout the Scriptures. However, he then asserts that there is something altogether different about God’s dealings in our time for “in these last days God has spoken to us in his Son whom he has made heir and through him he made everything there is.” Had not prophet Isaiah foretold the day would come when all salvation will see for themselves that “your God has entered upon his reign.” Isaiah 52:7


“The reign of God is therefore breaking in decisively in the person of Jesus even if it is not yet in full swing. The Author of Hebrews himself notes the purpose of his appearance for “on coming into the world he declares here I am. I am coming to do your will.” Hebrew 10:7 The Word made flesh in human form is here dwelling among us and showing what God is really like. He speaks to us telling us what God’s plan and purpose has always been from the beginning – if only we will be open enough to hear with attentive ears and expectant hearts.


The very first words that Jesus speaks in the beginning of Mark’s Gospel roundly declares ‘the right time has been fulfilled’. This is the Kairos moment, the opportune occasion for ‘the kingdom of God has drawn near.’ Since the reign of God is close at hand the urgent response required is “repent and believe in the Good News.” Mark 1:1

Advent Extra


Our annual delight of reflections and family activities for Advent from the Redemptorists. This year it has been made available to us online. Please contact Debbie if you would like to be sent the link.

Christmas is Coming: We Need Your Help

To sustain the cleaning routine required under the current national crisis we need your help, especially over Christmas. We also need help with stewarding at the Masses. If you and your household can help, please contact Debbie asap if you can. We really do not want to have to cancel a Mass due to lack of help.








Why not try this? A reverse Advent Calendar
It starts on the 23rd November so that all donations can be in for Friday 18th December ready to do our last session before Christmas on Tuesday 22nd December.

111 people given food for 2331 meals 875kg food distributed!


With shopping and donations of items we received 617Kg.



Thank you to everyone who has donated this week , as the lock down continues, our client numbers have increased so we really value your support. A huge thank you to all our volunteers, for those who collect donations from the shops , those who put the food parcels together, those who weigh and date the food and those who do the paperwork

Thank you for caring and for all your support Tracey and The Team
Caring is Sharing


Items can be dropped direct to the Withywood Centre on Queens Road 10 am to 2pm on Mondays or Tuesdays only. Or we can shop for you if you would prefer to BACS  a/c: The Carpenters Food Store      a/c no:  45427160    Sort code:  30-94-83.  We truly value any donations, items or monies. THANK YOU.


In 2019 we fed a total of 2715 people for a week. As of 25th November 2020, we have reached 3617:

Orphans In The Wild


Sally along with her helpers Joan and Frances, have been busy with Christmas baking and will start delivering soon. If you need to contact Sally, please message 07810 256687 or email


Statement on Safeguarding

Friday 20th November 2020


The account given in the IICSA Report of abuse known to be inflicted on children in the Catholic

Church in England and Wales in the past 50 years is shocking and overwhelming. At our meeting this week, we Bishops have stood together in profound shame. We express our sorrow and contrition before God.


We have reflected on our need to reach out afresh to those who bear the wounds of permanent damage caused by this abuse. We commit ourselves to listen more intently to those who have been abused so as to learn from them and benefit from their wisdom. It is through learning from their testimony that hearts are changed.


We are grateful to those survivors who have come forward, not only to lay before us their experience of abuse, but to help us understand the depth of their pain. We invite anyone who has experienced abuse to come forward, no matter how long ago the abuse took place. We undertake to listen carefully to them with open heart and mind and support them on a journey

of healing.


We have carefully considered the recommendations of the IICSA Report and formally accepted them. We have already begun work towards their implementation.


The IICSA’s generic hearings into the Church began last October. Around that time we commissioned an Independent Review of our Safeguarding Structures and Arrangements in the Catholic Church in England and Wales. This was carried out by Mr Ian Elliott, an experienced

safeguarding professional who has worked across the world in this area.


This week, alongside the IICSA Report, we have also examined in depth the Final Report of the Elliott Review and fully accepted its recommendations. It is a searching analysis of our safeguarding work, in its weaknesses and strengths. It proposes a number of remedial and forward-looking recommendations, which accord with the IICSA Report’s own recommendations. The work of implementation will begin immediately. It will be carried out in close cooperation with the Religious Orders who play such an important part in the life of the Church.


In all our activities, our desire and resolve is to be a Church in which every child and vulnerable person is not only safe but nurtured into human flourishing. These recommendations present us with steps towards this goal. Key to them is a standards-based approach to safeguarding together with a specially commissioned national body with powers of effective audit and oversight of safeguarding in both Dioceses and Religious Orders. Everyone in the Church will be required to work to clear, published standards of behaviour and action. Most significantly, the Elliott Report has been fashioned with the participation of survivors of abuse. Their insight and wisdom has been crucial. We thank them for their great courage and generosity in working with us and we look forward to continuing this growing collaboration.


The Elliott Report builds on all that has been achieved in our safeguarding ministry in the past 20 years, achievements also recognised in the IICSA Report. Therefore we thank profoundly all who contribute to the work of safeguarding in the Church today: the thousands of Parish Safeguarding Representatives, the professionals who work in our Safeguarding Offices in every Diocese, the Safeguarding Commissions who oversee this work and give objective and professional advice to guide our decisions, the staff of the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service and those who serve on the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission. These, and many others, have contributed greatly to the current work of safeguarding in the Church.


Today, however, we acknowledge without hesitation, our failings, our mistakes, our lack of adequate cooperation. We express our deep sorrow and ask forgiveness, especially from victims and survivors. We affirm our resolve to effect the next step in our work of safeguarding and care

for survivors. In prayer we turn to Christ the Good Shepherd, the fount of healing and compassion, asking that this moment of painful truth becomes a time of grace as we strive to fulfil the ministry entrusted to us as bishops in an unshakeable unity of purpose.




The Laudato Si Circle South Bristol based at Emmaus House invite us over the next few weeks to contemplate: 




THE TEN GREEN COMMANDMENTS of LAUDATO SI’ by Joshrom Isaac Kureethadam



6. Develop an integral ecology as we are all interrelated and interdependent.


“…it is essential to show special care for indigenous communities and their cultural traditions.  They are not merely one minority among others, but should be the principal dialogue partners, especially when large projects affecting their land are proposed…”   Laudato Si’ 146

Fratelli Tutti

Pope Francis: “I offer this social Encyclical as a modest contribution to continued reflection, in the hope that in the face of present-day attempts to eliminate or ignore others, we may prove capable of responding with a new vision of fraternity and social friendship.”

On the conclusion of the recitation of the Angelus on Sunday before a sizable crowd gathered in St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis introduced his new Encyclical Fratelli tutti, and said he had the “joy of giving the new Encyclical” to them.

“Yesterday I was in a Assisi to sign the new encyclical, Fratelli tutti, on fraternity and social friendship. I offered it to God on the tomb of Saint Francis who inspired as in the preceding Encyclical Laudato si’.

“The signs of the times show clearly that human fraternity and the care of creation form the sole way toward integral development and peace, as already indicated by the saintly Popes John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II.”

Pope Francis then announced that a special edition of L’Osservatore Romano containing the Encyclical would be given as his gift to everyone in the Square.

He ended his presentation with the words: “May St. Francis accompany the journey of fraternity in the Church, between believers of all religions between and all people”.

See more

Arrangements for the Proposed Closure of St Pius Xth School

The Consultation Period has now ended.

We ask all parishioners to pray for right discernment for the children, their parents, staff and volunteers through this painful process.

Catholicism Series


Set over 10 weeks, we will be following this 'Catholicism series' narrated by Bishop Robert live on Zoom on Wednesday evenings at 7.00pm - 8.30pm . This is a chance to explore some of the traditions and culture of the Catholic faith in greater depth and is open to everyone who has an interest in going on this journey of discovery. Although there will be 10 sessions in total there is no obligation to attend every session and the dates for each session are:
18th Nov, 25th Nov, 2nd Dec, 9th December 16th Dec (extended break over Christmas) 13th Jan, 20th Jan, 27th Jan, 3rd Feb, 10th Feb.

Register in advance for this meeting by clicking on the picture 

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