Sacred Heart & St Pius Xth, Clifton Diocese
Sacred Heart & St Pius Xth, Clifton Diocese

Bank details for direct payments:

NatWest Bank sort code 52-10-03

Clifton Diocese Re Parish of St Pius X, Bristol

A/c no: 66286476

Bank details for direct payments:

NatWest Bank sort code 52-10-03
Clifton Diocese Re Parish of the Sacred Heart, Chew Magna

A/c no: 66286816

Boosting Our Weekly Revenue

A healthy, vital church thrives on it's members generosity of spirit.


The Collection is an integral part of our Sunday Liturgy, not only because it is the primary means by which our Parishes receive financial support for their daily running and upkeep, but because it is also an expression of our gratitude to God for the blessings He bestows on us to return a portion of them back to Him for use by His Church.


Through our baptism we are called to be stewards of God's gifts to us, using them in ways that build up our families, parishes, communities and our world. We are encouraged to be deliberate and intentional in weighing our various obligations against our limited resources as we decide where we spend those resources of time, money and effort. When we give to our parish and to the greater Church we are witnessing to our children and to the world about our values and about what is important to us.


If you are still able to give to the parish at this time, it is much appreciated.


Standing Orders are the easiest way to pay a regular amount or you can give online using the paypal buttons below for the chosen parish.


Please consider the best way to give and indeed if you could give a little more!

By Monthly Standing Order


This is our most welcome form of giving if you can manage it. It provides a steady and predictable income, allowing forward planning. If you are a taxpayer it can easily be made tax efficient by the Gift Aid process.

  • Download and print off the form    see below.
  • Complete the form alongside the Gift Aid Declaration if you are a taxpayer.
  • Send to Alice Maimone, Gift Aid secretary for both parishes, at the parish office.
  • Thereafter, until you stop or amend it, the amount specified by you will be transferred monthly to the Parish.
  • If you are a taxpayer, the Parish will be able to reclaim tax worth 25% of the amount donated.

Standing Orders are also an excellent way to give to the Charitable Special Collections taken throughout the year. This way you don't need to worry that you haven't brought extra money with you! Contact the parish office if you would like to do this.

master copy SO instruction.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1'019.9 KB]

By Cash


If you do not give by standing order and are not a taxpayer, then gifts by cash are most welcome.


The Parish is able to claim a tax refund on a limited amount of the loose collection as long as the coinage/notes used are not larger than a £20 note.


PLEASE NOTE we are no longer running the OFFERTORY ENVELOPE SCHEME at        St Pius


ALTERNATIVELY use the relevant PARISH PAYPAL button on the home page.

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