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Singing is the sign of the heart's joy!

Acts 2:46


Great importance is attached to the use of singing and music in the Celebration of Mass, especially on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, with due consideration given to the culture and abilities of the people, the gathered assembly.


Liturgical song should correspond to the spirit of the liturgical action and foster participation of all the faithful, adding to the beauty and solemnity of our celebration.


Song deepens our participation, helping us to dwell a little longer on the texts we sing and to express our faith and devotion. The melody and rhythm of music can bring its own beauty highlighting the parts of the Mass and indicating the reverence we wish to show them.


Music and song make such a powerful contribution to the Liturgy, it is important that it is used well. This means our musicians and singers have to develop not only their musical skills but also their understanding of the Liturgy.

Called to serve?

We welcome singers and instrumentalists of all ages.


Contact:    Gill Hogarth at Sacred Heart  

                   or see Enid Brown at St Pius Xth


Preparing to sing

  • Look at the readings and prayers of the Mass and use them for your personal prayer.
  • Reflect on how the music chosen relates to what is expressed in the readings.
  • Ask yourself how this music will best lead you and the gathered assembly into prayer together.
  • Pray for yourself and the other ministers of the parish's music that the service you will offer will truly give voice to the prayer of the Mass.
  • Attend choir practices.
  • The Diocese frequently holds formation days which we encourage our choirs and musicians to attend.

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