Sacred Heart & St Pius Xth, Clifton Diocese
Sacred Heart & St Pius Xth, Clifton Diocese

Office of Sacristan

A Sacristan is one who approaches this ministry with a deep reverence and understanding of the significance of the Church's Liturgy, Sacraments and Rules.


They are custodians of the sacred vessels, vestments, cloths and other items ensuring that everything is provided in readiness for the clergy and assembly to come together in prayerful worship at Mass and the various other liturgical celebrations.


Our Sacristans are all keyholders as they will often open and close the building for the celebrations.


All Sacristans are DBS checked as they will frequently be with junior altar servers in the Sacristy.


Our Sacristans are responsible for stock-taking (candles, tapers, incense, wine, hosts, etc), cleaning items such as brassware, arranging the dry cleaning of vestments and repairs to equipment. This is normally done at a different time to the immediate preparation and clearing up afterwards of the celebrations. Being a keyholder enables our Sacristans to do this at their own convenience. 

Are you called to serve in this way?

This Ministry involves deep personal reflection and formation with our current Sacristans who have a fount of knowledge on all the intracacies involved. 


It is great to have a team of Sacristans who are available at different times.


Contact Deacon Mark at Sacred Heart   


           or Kingsley Orji  at St Pius Xth

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