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Preparing the Prayers of the Faithful


Enlightened and moved by God's word, the assembly excercises its priestly function by interceding for all humanity. Because "the joy and hope, the struggle and anguish of the people of this age and especially of the poor and those suffering in any way are the joy and hope, the struggle and anguish of Christ's disciples," the Church prays not just for its own needs but for the salvation of the world, for civil authorities, for those oppressed by any burden, and for the local community, particularly those who are sick or who have died.


Thus, even though the intercessions may be quite concrete or particular in content, they should always look beyond the concerns of the local assembly to the needs of the whole Church and of the wider world. They are a sign of the communion of the particular assembly with all other assemblies and with the universal Church.


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Are you called to serve in this way?

A ministry you can offer to do in your own time! 


Join a small group of parishioners who have taken responsibility on a monthly rota to compose these prayers for Sunday Mass and other special occasions.


Access to a computer is helpful but not vital.


Guidance, training and resources are available. Contact Deacon Mark Forge

In General

In preparing yourself to write the prayers:

  • look at the readings and prayers of the Mass and use them for your prayers.
  • Reflect on how they speak of God's love for all, and the quality of life that they call us to make our own.
  • Ask for the grace to be attentive and mindful of the needs and concerns of the world, the Church and our local community.
  • Spend time in prayer, praying for yourself, and other parish ministers - that the service you will offer will truly help people to express their prayer.
  • Ensure  that you will prepare the Prayers in good time, emailing them by the evening prior to the celebration to Deacon Mark  for use in both our parishes.

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