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Life-giving Sacrament of Baptism

If you are seeking to be received into the Church as an adult please click here.


The Baptism of your child, whether as a baby or a little older, is a time of great joy and celebration for you and the Church. We want to help you make it a day to tell your child about when they are older and so we encourage you to have a time of preparation.


Becoming a parent changes us and can make us feel vulnerable and anxious for our children because they touch the heart of who we are. The Church reminds us that children are part of God's plan and that we have been chosen to parent them and this means there is help. The Holy Spirit is very much at work already in their lives.


In asking for Baptism, you have already recognised the importance of God's love, of his sharing his life with us. In a relaxed atmosphere, we will invite you to explore your own faith and the part it plays in your life as a follower of Christ, we will look at what the Church says about this wonderful sign of God's love and the meaning of the different symbols used and we will look at the reponsibilities of being the first teachers of the faith for your child, a child of God.


Baptisms are conducted by either Fr Michael or Deacon Mark and take place during, or outside of, Mass. Both of them will guide you on the day so that you can relax and enjoy it. We warmly welcome you and your family and friends.


Please have a chat with Fr Michael, Deacon Mark or Debbie or contact us through the parish office.


Your child's baptism will be recorded in the parish register and you can provide us with the information we need with the application form below.


In the years ahead, you may obtain proof of baptism, obtained in the form of a certificate, based on the entry in the register by contacting the parish office. You will be given a baptismal certificate on the day itself.

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